Tour for Euro 2012 on mobile and "mystical" Kiev

During the Euro 2012, Tourists will get acquainted with Mystics places of Kiev, underground of Kievo-Pecherska Lavra and places of Soviet past.

In general, football fans will offer 13 routes approved by the Ministry of Culture and UEFA.

"The development of routes has its own requirements.
For example, it is impossible to conduct bus tours of the 1.5-kilometer zone around the "Olympic", there is simply impossible to pass. In addition, routes tailored to accommodate fan zone for fans, "- said the Head of Tourism Nikolay Gritsik.

For example, tourists are expected to review the 3-hour excursion around Kiev, individual tours to the Lavra, St. Sophia and St. Michael's cathedral, a museum of folk architecture "Pirogovo" at St. Andrew's descent, a water tour on the Dnieper.

List of approved UEFA Tours and Excursions: Chernihiv, Uman, Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky, Kanev.

Preliminary prices - 60-110 hryvnia per person.

The highlight of the tour program will be a project for fans of "Moby Terra" Its essence lies in the fact that the trip will may be to listen on your mobile phone.
Special tours maps will be to marked codes attractions of Kiev.
For example, the Stadium "Olympic" h177 code, the convent Vydubitsky - h145 etc.
230 on your mobile phone, you simply enter the code object, select the desired language (there are 7) and listen to a 5-minute story.
Minute of the audio guide will cost an average of 3 of the hryvnia.

In addition to "Phone Tours" of the city authorities plan to introduce so-called "Qr-​​code". "This is a special bar code information.
For example: You make only one photo - on your mobile phone.
And you get information about an object or a link to a site with a story about object" - told in the management of tourism.

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