About Open Kiev

At first there was a dream

While travelling around the world and visiting London, New York and Shanghai, it is always difficult to resist the opportunity to have a comfortable trip around a city on top of a tour bus where you can feel a light wind gently blowing into your face and observe deep blue sky at noon and magic stars at night. Pedestrians do not interfere with experiencing local sights, and cars do not prevent you from enjoying the view.

An unusual way of sightseeing gives you a fresh look on everything, and even familiar streets grab your attention by their novelty. The main thing is that the more you see, the less tired you feel! While travelling, you may rest your feet, make a unique video or take a series of photos and listen to a tour guide, or you can simply enjoy socializing with your beloved ones as such a tour fills you with romance and intensifies your feelings...

Having travelled around the world, two Ukrainian girls became obsessed with a dream to see their native city from the top of a tour bus as well as giving such an opportunity to others!

Dreams do come true!

You should only long for them. What is more, one should come up with a business plan, find an investor, get a number of permissions, bring a unique bus into the country, and persuade the traffic police that height dimensions are the ultimate truth. All in all, one should show all their persistence, wit and women's charm.

We will probably write a novel about this once, or at least shoot a film called -"How two girls managed to start business in Ukraine".

But we leave this idea for the near future. Today, the important thing is that Open Kiev exists and everybody can get a bit of its dream!

Closing tour

Company founder - The House of Culture and Education “Master Klass” (http://masterklass.org/eng)

The House of Culture and Education “Master Klass” is a unique place in the heart of Kyiv, where we got together under one roof all the most interesting and useful for heart and mind of a common city-dweller. We present educational and art project for both adults and children. Our educational projects: The Education and Entertainment Centre for Children “OKeshkin Club”, the English School “Oxford Klass”, the School of Art.

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