Opens new Kiev Planetarium

December 3, 2011 opens new Kiev Planetarium. Now Kiev Planetarium rebuilt under a large-scale scientific and cultural and entertainment center for the whole family "AtmaSfera".

The latest technological advances used for modernization and improvement of the Planetarium. With the help of modern 3D-technology created a grand, unique and colorful spectacle, which will soon see the people of Kiev and visitors.

Open a unique spherical (dome) cinema, where viewers can see the non-fiction work on the microcosm and the mysteries of the universe, cartoons and movies.

Every visitor a great opportunity to be presented in real time to observe the constellations, planets, comets and galaxies. With the latest equipment you can feel the complexity and beauty of celestial bodies and phenomena.

In addition, guests of the Planetarium was created only in Ukraine, multimedia park rides, interactive touch-panel touch-screens and filled with multi-function content (a combination of gaming and educational sectors). They are intended as a children's audience and the students. A lot of good changes for the better and in audience hall. The radically updated interior. Now hall of the Planetarium completely transformed into a futuristic space with interactive multimedia entertainment and decorations.

Hungry visitors will have a snack in "Space café", where in addition to the classic set of drinks and snacks is a special offer menu space.

Kiev Planetarium has been around for almost 60 years. January 1, 1952 were open doors for the first visitors interested in the knowledge of the mysteries of the universe.

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