Santa Claus Reception


Reception Santa Claus is his office, where the grandfather works hard reading letters kids. There is a beautiful Christmas tree, Santa Claus and helpers, with different talents. Aides grandfather able to mold, glue, decorate and fun to share their talents with the children.
Base offering:
- Meeting with Santa Claus - with compulsory vossedaniem on his knees
- Writing and sending their wishes to Santa Claus himself in hand - so the probability of their performance increases!
- A photo on the memory with personal greetings from Santa Claus
- The ability to give a child a gift, made parents
The cost of a basic proposal - 20 UAH. with people.
Additionally, we offer:
1. Tour on New Year's double-decker bus - information by phone.  093 187 83 28 Catherine
2. Individual session with the Friends of Santa Claus:
• paintings
• pottery
• stained glass
• Angels raffia
• painted ceramic balls
• complex origami

(+38 044) 227-28-64(63)
(+38 093) 187-83-28