One Street Museum in Kiev

This street used to be home for a lot of famous people. Even if someone was not the best student at school, he still knows the name of Bulgakov, Zhukovsky and Gogol. A lot of houses on the Andrew’s Descent that were previously occupied by famous people are now museums devoted to the inhabitants. Also there is a One street museum that has been opened in 1991 and tells the story of the descent itself.

Andrew’s descent has survived a lot of changes and has been repeatedly reconstructed, which led to a certain loss of the initial look. However, the museum still keeps the things from the early to modern days that carry the memory and the evidence for the pride the Kiev citizens feel for this unique street.


Among the museum’s exhibits you can see the household items of the people who used to live there and in this way feel closer to the spirit of the street. There you can find male and female clothes, the reconstructed interiors of boudoirs and workshops, money, smoking pipes, desktop games, jewelry, paintings, pictures and photographs of famous and ordinary people and even a cash machine from the beginning of the XX century.

We can learn more about the life of the street from the old advertisements, posters and billboards, as well as the newspapers and magazines. Here you can learn the words you’ve never heard before, find out how much the dancing teacher Fisakov charged for his classes. Learn when the street was first connected to the telephone line and where you could exchange your old currency for new one.

The museum often holds exhibitions devoted to different themes, which look like a still from some time of the history of the Andrew’s descent. For instance, from March to May 2012 you could visit the exhibition called “The Andrew’s descent. The Transformation” that illustrated how much the look of the street changed over the years. In the pictures you could see the buildings, mansions and other sites that have not survived until nowadays, and a lot of admirable views of Kiev that have a lot of mysterious charm about them

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